Hunt Africa

The motherland is waiting. Let us help put you on the hunt of a lifetime.

A Word from one of our Founders

Like most young boys infatuated with hunting and shooting, in my youth I spent hours pouring over Field and Stream, Sports Afield, and Outdoor Life. The allure of Africa was tantalizing. However, growing up in rural Middle Tennessee, I had to make do with quail, rabbits, squirrels, and crows. It might not have been on the same level as my African safari fantasies, but I devoted myself to shooting nevertheless.
50 years later, I had finished school, gotten married, had children, and was drawing a long career in the financial sector to a close. And it was then that Africa returned to my dreams. I knew that this was the time.

Research was done, references were gathered, Safari shows were attended, and the list of outfitters was shortened. Finally, a year in advance, the trip was booked. As planning continued, my wife pointed out that Africa had a lot more to offer than just birds. As usual, she was right, and we began to expand our horizons. Now, with substantial experience hunting game in Africa, we’d like to pass along the knowledge we’ve gained to you.

Our travel packages in Africa include Rock Pigeons, Guinea Fowl, Crested Falcon, Large Game, and visits to beautiful Victoria Falls. These trips are outlined below, and are all quite safe.

Large Game

In Africa, large game is typically thought of as the “Big 5,” which includes Lions, African Elephants, Cape Buffalo, Leopards, and Rhinoceroses. Large game is viewed from an extremely close proximity in safari cars (i.e. open top Toyota Land Cruisers).

At Double Guns of Nashville, we do not set up trips to actually hunt large game. However, if this is your ambition, we’d be happy to put you in touch with an organization that can facilitate that.

Guinea Fowl & Crested Francolin

The border of Botswana is just a quick charter flight away from South Africa, which will be your landing pad into Africa. Once you arrive in Botswana, you will be taken to Paul’s Plains Game Camp for a few days (depending on your preferences) of driven bird hunting. Normally we would arrange for all species to be hunted in South Africa, but in 2016, a large drought prompted the Professional Hunter’s Association to put a hold on hunting many species. However, north of the South African border, the rains have been plentiful, and both guinea fowl and francolin continue to flourish.

Guinea Fowl are typically hunted by driving the birds to fly over the hunters. This will be your chance to shoot! Similar methods are used in most midwest pheasant states. Hunting Francolin is much more similar to hunting grouse or quail. They are larger than grouse but a difficult shot since the cover is often thick and you will have very narrow windows where you have a clear shot.

Rock Pigeon

Rock Pigeons are an extremely challenging bird to shoot. They are substantially large, but very fast, highly maneuverable, and have the annoying habit of never maintaining a single line of flight for more than a few seconds. It’s like trying to shoot large bats! However, their flocks are so great in number are you’ll be shooting constantly. On your first time, we’d recommend burning as much ammo as your wallet and shoulder can stand.

Our package will afford you the chance to shoot Rock Pigeons in the Free State of South Africa near Bloemfontein. They will be shot in large Sunflower fields with net blinds. You will arrive in the field around 10:00am and leave around 4:00pm to have a beer, a shower, and get some rest for your next day of shooting.

Victoria Falls

Sitting on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, Victoria falls is one of tne of the most memorable places that we at Double Guns of Nashville have ever visited. The photos speak for themselves…