Academy of Personal Protection & Security

Academy of Personal Protection and Security is owned and operated by J. Buford Tune, who combines professional experience and a wealth of education to provide you with the highest quality civilian and security training available. We strive to provide full time professional training and certification for businesses and individuals.

A.P.P.S. provide training courses designed for civilians, private security officers both armed and unarmed as well as law enforcement. Our training includes ‘street survival’ handgun courses for beginners and the advanced users.  A.P.P.S. also provides classes in shotgun, electric control devices, tasers, defensive sprays, batons/nightsticks,  rape defense for women  and personal protection using non-lethal force.

A.P.P.S. was the first full time private state certified handgun training academy for civilians.  We will teach you the “do’s and don’ts” of civilian firearm use, ‘street survival’ (not target shooting), personal protection, criminal and civil laws, and much more!

Owner-operator, J. Buford Tune