The Blaser R8 locks by a 14-lug radial collet and is designed to withstand significantly more pressure than competing bolt-action rifles.  The R8 boasts 1.7x the locking surface of a Mauser 98.  The stressed parts of the rifle are plasma nitride coated hammer forged steel, necessary for the R8 locking mechanism to perform.  When compared to the Blaser R93 rifle, the barrel thickness has increased at the critical point, the groove was enlarged and the locking angle of the rifle was steepened.  The radial collet has also been redesigned to open differently. The price of this lockup improvement on the R8 is a marginal weight increase.  This rifle offers a variety of caliber options from. 222 Remington to .500 Jeffery, and a number of differing stocks and barrel lengths.

What makes Blaser R8 Unique?

The R8 rifle is a truly modular system, and a barrel assembly can be removed and replaced with no change in zero to your Blaser R8.  Another unique feature is the detachable box magazine and trigger housing. This adds another level of safety by rendering the rifle inoperable when removed.  Parts from the R93 model are not interchangeable with parts for the Blaser R8.

Blaser R8

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