Horst Blaser, the founder of the now famous German rifle manufacturing company Blaser, fell into the rifle world like one falls in love.  In fact, Blaser wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the woman he fell in love with.  Horst Blaser was a milkman when he met his love, and the young woman’s father did not approve of Blaser’s profession.  Blaser’s soon to be father-in-law would not give his blessing for Blaser’s marriage unless Blaser took up his profession of rifle making. These fairytale circumstances eventually resulted in Blaser revolutionizing the rifle world.

The first Blaser was introduced in 1957, called the Blaser Diplomat, and was an over-under rifle/shotgun. The Blaser Diplomat rifle design still defines a Blaser rifle even today.

The first Blaser bolt-action rifle, the SR 830, set the standard for rifles and opened the door to international recognition. The American version of the rifle was called the Blaser Ultimate until 1986 when the name was changed to the Blaser R84 rifle. In 1993, Blaser released the Blaser R93 rifle, again setting a new standard for rifles across the globe. Rifle design improvements led to Blaser releasing the Blaser R8 rifle.

Blaser rifles give hunters the edge they need to make each and every hunt successful. Blaser rifles are created for hunters by hunters. Blaser rifles are still considered among the finest rifles in the world today.