Over-Under Competition Shotguns

Double Guns of Nashville carries a variety of competition shotguns to suit a wide spectrum of needs.  Some shooters prefer a semi-automatic shotgun with reduced weight providing greater swinging speed. Among the best semi-automatic shotguns sits the Beretta A400 Xplor, which Double Guns of Nashville keeps well stocked.  Some of the more casual shooters choose the semi-automatic option so that they can use the same shotgun for competition, as well as in the field for hunting.  Semi-automatic shotguns are a popular choice for hunting because they have a greater capacity than the two-shell capacity of an over-under shotgun. At the top tier of competition, however, over-under are by far and away the most popular choice. The most obvious reason behind this choice is the ability to have two different chokes – one for each barrel – to better cater your pattern to each individual shot.  Double Guns of Nashville offers several brands of over-under competition guns from top brands:

No matter what your needs are for your next competition shotgun, Double Guns of Nashville will find a way to satisfy them.