The Krieghoff K 80 is well represented in competitive sporting clays sports in America.  They typically weigh around nine pounds and are usually found on the shoulders of those who prefer to pre-mount before calling.  The Krieghoff K 80 is the successor to the K-32, which has been described as a refined and more sophisticated version of the Remington Model 32, which was brought over to Germany in 1954.

Krieghoff shotguns are known to be slightly heavier and the K-32 is said to carry that weight up front. The Krieghoff K 80 improved upon the K-32 with better balance and is known to be a low recoiling and extremely steady over/under shotgun.  All K-80 shotguns are made in Germany, holding true to the precision the country is known for.

Krieghoff K 80: Lighter & Responsive

The heavier Krieghoff shotguns are extremely well suited for slower speed clay shooting sports like American trap and skeet, but were not favored for faster targets until the release of the Krieghoff K 80 Parcours. The Parcours model is a lighter, more responsive, built around the same legendary K 80 action.  The Parcours model has barrels that weigh in at a staggering 10 ounces less than standard K 80 barrels.