Krieghoff shotguns are among the finest shotguns in the world and are meant for the dedicated competition shooter. These guns possess the pedigree and ability to compete at the highest level, even in the Olympics. Krieghoff shotguns are best known for their unwavering reliability and handling. When compared to other guns, experienced shooters find Krieghoff shotguns to be heavier, with noticeably larger actions.

Krieghoff K 20: Built to Last a Lifetime

The extra heft assists in a smoother swing and isn’t significant enough to burden the shooter. One of the most striking features on a Krieghoff shotgun is the action’s sliding top canopy that moves forward to lock on both sides of the corresponding taper on the barrel shoulders when the gun is closed. The hammers pivot at the bottom of the action and are powered by coil springs, yet another signature of the Krieghoff actions. These shotguns have mechanical triggers so they are not dependent on recoil to reset for the second shot. These guns are built to last a lifetime, and in the rare case that the gun needs to be re-jointed, the barrels hinge on stub pins that can be replaced.  The Krieghoff K 20 comes in the following models:

  • K 20 Pro-Sporter
  • K 20 Sporter
  • K 20 Parcours