The first Krieghoff was built in 1886 in Suhl, Thuringia where Ludwig Krieghoff and his partner founded the arms factory Sempert & Krieghoff. In 1916, Ludwig’s son Heinrich founded his own company and later incorporated Sempert & Krieghoff.  Heinrich moved to Ulm, Baden-Wurttemberg in 1950 and was quick to pick up where he left off building the name.

Prior to this time, Krieghoff was known for their custom stock making and fine hunting rifles, and Heinrich leveraged those assets when he made the first shotgun, the K-32 quickly became internationally recognized, especially after it is used to win the world championship in trap shooting in 1966.  Dieter Krieghoff moved to the U.S. in the 1970’s and took on the American shooting market for shotguns.

Krieghoff Shotguns: Unique Action & Receiver Design

There are a number of unique features that define a Kreighoff shotgun, most notably are the unique action and receiver design. The successor to the K-32, the K-80 is one of the more coveted shotguns for American shooters.  Built on the same platform, the 20-gauge shotgun is appropriately named the K-20.

Today, all Krieghoff shotguns have a highly regarded reputation the world over.