Blaser has made its mark on the gun world by introducing innovative and sometimes even revolutionary design improvements to proven weapon systems, and the F3 is no exception. The F3 has a very fast lock time, partially due to its unique inline hammer system. This gun contains a noteworthy mechanical trigger with a horizontal inertia block and a pendulum, as well as its signature low action profile.  These features have cemented Blaser shotguns among the finest and most practical sporting arms on the market. Blaser shotguns come with a clever weight balancing system whereby the weights are attached to the stock bolt and forearm, creating a more uniform balance than one can achieve with putty and lead bars.

Unique Features of Blaser F3 Shotguns

Another unique feature of the Blaser F3 is the barrel weight of the 28”, 30”, and 32” barrels are all the same. This allows the shooter to change barrel lengths without drastically changing the handling of the gun. This shotgun comes with a standard option of five Briley Extended Spectrum choke tubes. All Blaser F3 models are chrome lined and 3” proofed for steel shot. The F3 line offers these models below:

  • F3 Competition Sporting
  • F3 SuperSport
  • F3 SuperSkeet
  • F3 SuperTrap
  • F3 Vantage