The first shotgun competitions were called “Old Hats”, where a pigeon was placed under a top hat attached to a string, which was pulled at the call “pull”, tipping the hat and releasing the bird.  These competitions took place in the 1600’s using flintlock shotguns.  By 1770 Damascus shotgun barrels were readily available, and about 20 years later double-barrel (side-by-side) flintlock shotguns were available.

Daniel Myron LeFever was credited with inventing the American hammerless shotgun in 1978; the gun was cocked with external levers on the exterior of the breech.  In 1909, the last major development of the modern shotgun came about when Boss introduced the over-under shotgun.


Blaser made its way into the shotgun world in the 1950’s and would make its own mark on the development of shotguns to this day.  The first over/under sporting shotgun was introduced in 2004, called the Blaser F3.  Blaser followed up the F3 with the F16 several years later.  Both shotguns are considered to be fine sporting shotguns and they come in a variety of different variations today, including:

  • F3 SuperSport
  • F3 SuperSkeet
  • F3 SuperTrap
  • F3 Vantage
  • F16 Game
  • F16 Sporting
  • F16 Intuition