Double Guns of Nashville offers custom shotguns from several top shotgun makers including Blaser, Krieghoff, Rizzini, and many more. Having a custom shotgun made presents a distinct competitive advantage in that the shotgun is fit specifically to your body.

Each individual shooter has a number of unique physical features that can be complimented by a custom shotgun. We can work with your favorite manufacturer to create a custom shotgun with a number of unique features:

  • Fit – Making sure the shotgun shoots where you aim.
  • Balance – This will ensure the best possible swing for your body.
  • Recoil Reduction – Recoil beats you into bad habits.
  • Trigger – Everyone has a different optimal trigger pull.
  • Beads – These vary greatly in size, shape and color.

There are almost limitless options for shotgun customization, call for more information!

Most Customizable Shotguns

Some of the more popular models of shotgun our clients choose to customize are:

Call Double Guns of Nashville at: (615) 651-4690 to set up a consultation with our expert staff and create a timeless custom shotgun that will be passed on for generations today.