Barry Rich

President & Founder

Barry Rich, a native Tennessean, has spent a lifetime fostering a passion for firearms. Raised on a farm in White County by a dedicated, quail hunting father, shotguns were a constant presence in his household. After periods of interest in big bore rifles, long distance shooting, bench rest, pistols, and military arms, Barry finally returned to shotguns. Then, fifteen years ago, a love of skeet entered the equation and an appetite for fine firearms began to grow within Barry. With age comes an appreciation of fine craftsmanship. Likewise, the elements of competition, hunting, fine guns, and craftsmanship are all integral parts of Double Guns of Nashville.

Barry is a CPA by education and practice. He primarily served clients in the banking industry. In 2006 he was asked to join a small group in Chattanooga to start a Bank. In March of 2007 CapitalMark Bank & Trust opened its doors to the public. Despite the worst banking environment since the great depression, CapitalMark was a resounding success. The Bank grew to a $1.2 billion dollar institution before it was sold to Pinnacle Bank of Nashville in July 2015.

Following the sale of CapitalMark Bank & Trust, Barry spent seven weeks in South Dakota, in a motorhome, with his wife Dayna, and their 3 labs. This was when Dayna suggested that Barry find something to do in retirement. So, after some thought, Barry decided to follow his passion once and for all! He partnered with Terry Hetrick and started a shop devoted to competition, wing shooting, and fine guns.

Terry Hetrick

Founder & Instructor

Terry’s love for shooting first took root almost fifty years ago when he was a young boy growing up in Pennsylvania. He quickly discovered that he had a natural talent for shooting, taking to the sport immediately. Something of child prodigy, Terry won multiple State Junior Skeet Shooting Championships in Pennsylvania. As Terry grew up, his love for shooting endured, as did his talent for it! Before he finally decided to move away to San Antonio, he was also winning state championships as an adult. The day that he moved to Texas, Pennsylvania lost one of its finest.

Terry arrived in San Antonio in 1991 and spent 2 years working for the National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA) and National Sport & Clay Association (NSCA). Then, in 1993, Terry moved to Houston to work for Briley Manufacturing, which is a company that makes custom accessories for fine firearms. It was during this time in Houston that Terry first began working as a shooting instructor. He found this work to be so rewarding that, eventually, he decided to make it his full-time job.

In 2000, Terry moved to Nashville to run the shooting school at the Nashville Gun Club. He’s been doing this for nearly 2 decades now, and he absolutely loves his job. And in 2015, when Barry approached him about founding Double Guns of Nashville, Terry was all-in. Of course, Terry is also still a sought-after shooting instructor and works a tightly packed schedule of shooting lessons each week. He’s living his dream!

Dayna Rich



Marina Pakis



Chris Trundle


Chris has shot sporting clays, skeet, and trap since 1989. He even won the 1994 Tennessee State Sporting Clays Championship! Though he knows that the sport has come a long way since then, he’s proud of this accomplishment, and equally proud of his long association with the Nashville Gun Club. Indeed, Chris has been a part of its growth from when it was just a dirt berm with a skeet and trap field, to when it emerged as one of the finest shotgun shooting venues in the country. Chris has served as the president of the Nashville Gun Club twice before in the past, along with numerous terms as a board member.

Chris had recently retired from a long sales career in the textile industry when the opportunity to be involved with Double Guns of Nashville came along. For Chris, this was a dream come true. What else could a person with a love of shotguns ask for? Chris is overjoyed to be working with great folks who represent top tier guns like Kreighoff and Blaser, and who are located right here at the Nashville Gun Club.