Making History, One Double Gun at a Time

Terry Hetrick and Barry Rich founded double Guns of Nashville in 2016; each bringing a unique and important set of skills and experience to the table.  Terry and Barry decided to team up in order to fill a region-wide need for a competition shotgun and premium hunting rifle dealer in Music City.

Terry comes from a rich background of competitive shooting. He has provided shotgun instruction for over 25 years, and continues to work with students of all skill levels to this day. Terry has been based at the Nashville Gun Club for the last 12 years. In his teaching, Terry discovered his students were frequently intimidated and overwhelmed with the choices available to them when choosing a competition gun. This realization prompted Terry to begin searching for a way to connect his students with the guidance they need in choosing the right gun. In 2015, Terry began searching for the right partner and location to bring his dream to life.

In 2015, Barry Rich had just retired from a long, successful career in banking. Barry’s interests, however, run deeper than just finance; Barry has been a passionate hunter his entire life.  This passion had already brought Barry to three different continents in the pursuit of adventures in the world of wing shooting.  As his career in banking came to a close, Barry was harboring a dream of taking a bigger leap into the world of shooting by connecting with and empowering others who shared his passion for fine double guns and bespoke firearms.

When Barry and Terry finally met, the destiny of Double Guns Nashville became apparent. Both are savvy businessmen in the world of fine firearms who share a similar vision. Together, they decided to put the gears in motion to bring their dream to reality.

In the fall of 2015, Terry and Barry approached the Nashville Gun Club with a proposal to run a Pro Shop for the Club; with that meeting, Double Guns of Nashville was born.