New Zealand

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New Zealand Stag are waiting. Let us help put you on the hunt of a lifetime.

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New Zealand Red Stag

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At Double Guns of Nashville, we are committed to facilitating extraordinary shooting and hunting experiences in all corners of the world, and few experiences can rival that of hunting red stag from our alpine lodge in New Zealand. Working with our partners on the ground, we can facilitate unforgettable hunting trips across both of New Zealand islands.

Our Kiwi Partner

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In providing our clients with hunting trips to New Zealand, we partner with the legendary Shane Quinn. Shane has been a leader in the international hunting industry for nearing 20 years, and for a good reason! He operates some of New Zealand premier hunting lodges, and has a reputation for biological conservation and high ethical standards. He was recently awarded the 2016 SCI Outstanding International Professional Hunter of the Year Award, and continues to bring clients from all over the world the natural bounty of New Zealand.

Shane is a friend of Double Guns of Nashville, and we are proud to partner with him to build upon the friendship shared by our two great nations.

Getting to New Zealand

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Air New Zealand run direct flights to Auckland (on the North Island) from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Houston. Flying from the west coast, the flight to New Zealand will last approximately 12 hours. However, because you will be flying backwards across time zones, we recommend budgeting 2 days for travel time.

Once you arrive in Auckland, we would advise you to rest for a day or two to bounce back from your jet lag. From Auckland, you will take a short connecting flight to the airport nearest to the lodge of your choosing, where you will be met by a member of Shane’s Alpine Team and driven out into the “high country” to the hunting lodge.


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Hunting New Zealand’s massive Red Stag is an incredible experience, but there will be a wide variety of other big game at your fingertips as well. These photos should give you a good feel for what you’d be getting yourself into…