In addition to a wide variety of shotguns, Double Guns of Nashville offers Blaser and Krieghoff rifles  for sale.  Blaser rifles are best known for the R8 line, featuring its signature straight-pull action, eliminating unnecessary movement and ensuring enough time for perfect follow-up shot placement.  Additional features include:

  • Blaser Rifle Manual Cocking System
  • Blaser Rifle Removable Fire Control System
  • Blaser Rifle Interchangeable Caliber System
  • Blaser Rifle Optic Saddle Mount

Krieghoff offers a full line of hunting rifles including:

  • Classic Double Krieghoff rifles
  • Semprio – In-Line Repeater Krieghoff rifles
  • Essencia Krieghoff rifles
  • Hubertus – Single Shot Krieghoff rifles
  • Optima & Trumpf – Drilling Krieghoff rifles
  • Ultra – Combination Krieghoff rifles

Please call ahead to Double Guns of Nashville to check the availability of Blaser and Krieghoffs for sale: (615) 651-0426